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Look no further

Are you searching for the most reliable recruitment consultants in India? We have a proven track record of supporting employers with professional manpower. We are diversified in the sectors and industries in which we connect Indian professionals with employers.

Moreover, we do placements for all career levels, i.e. entry level, mid-level and senior level.

Look no further

.We value our clients regardless of the size of their business, and will tailor your programs to fit the hiring need and financial concerns.

.We take every bit of client's instruction that could probably help us in headhunting, advertising, or simply drawing from our database of CVs.

.We maintain a vast database of CVs for positions such as CEOs, MDs, Directors, Functional Heads e.g. Chief Financial Officers, HRMs.

It's our standard to provide you with a shortlist of qualified candidates quickly and efficiently

Our recruitment and selection process entails

1.Job advertisement

2.Interviews & screening

3.Interview scheduling for the client

4.Facilitation of reference checks & document verification

HR Outsourcing

The focus of every organization today is to increase efficiency and productivity with reduced costs. The main strategy to achieve this is to optimize on utilizing the available resources. Human resource constitute part of these valuable resources and hence there is need to optimize on their utilization. Outsourcing all or part of the Human Resource Department's functions is the most trending answer to the need above.

HR Outsourcing is rapidly becoming an accepted management tool for redefining and re-energizing organizations in our mean economies. The most common reasons to consider outsourcing are to improve the quality and offerings of HR service delivery, increase productivity, save money and, of course, to reduce the risk for your organization.

RIPL will partner with you, taking up the HR department of your organization, either in full or some elements, and manage functions such as the administrative, operational and/or strategic HR capacity. Our outsourcing services will improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your HR Department or create a new HR Service Department to assist with your organizational growth plans.

Employee Training Services

Want to always stay ahead of your competitors? You can have welldefined business issues and the best strategies but still perform relatively poor. Your workforce could be the factor holding back the growth of your organization. As it is said, the people are the company. This does refer to not only your customers but also your employees. Alongside the strategies, it's absolutely necessary to prep your employees so that they can deliver on the strategies effectively. It's a fact that most companies lack effective employee training schemes. To address this, organizations need to embrace a culture of learning.

The High Payback Employee Training

Customer service training is one of the interesting employee training areas. It deserves special attention because the value of the training is enormous. Most successful organizations have customer service as their focal point and hence have made customer service skills training an essential to all their employees. Communication skills' training and Team building constitute another interesting course of employee training and development. Mostly, this enhances the connectivity of the people within an organization, as well as those without. Good communication and teamwork increase efficiency and save on time since there are less, or no, conflicts.

Executive and Leadership development training is yet another interesting area that doesn't disappoint in terms of returns on investment. The bottom line is a company's leadership constitutes a great proportion of the operational backbone.

The last area of employee training and development is compliance training. It's the least interesting and effective in many organizations. The lessons are often boring and met with a lot of

The Paybacks of Effective Employee Training

Poor skills training and development is cited as one of the principal reasons for employees to deliberately leave their positions after barely one year of employment. Once a member of the staff leaves, the organization's productivity slips. The cost (time and money) of finding and settling on a nice-fit replacement is enormous.

Still not convinced enough to invest in training your staff? Below are some of the reasons why you should take the initiative and train your employees:

Training equips employees with the skills required to run the business better. For instance, they'll be able to serve customers better.

Through training, workers become more loyal and committed to your organization. If your company is a learning and development ground, employees will have no reason to move on because they'll always be looking forward to the next challenge and development.

Training and development attracts young and energetic workers. Most young people are seeking employment that offers opportunities to grow their skills. If you offer such opportunities, chances are you'll attract and keep good, loyal and committed employees.

Nurturing your employees through training promotes their job satisfaction. This makes them more engaged and involved in contributing to the success of the company.

Training improves competency, flexibility and efficiency of your employees. For instance, you can make all-round employees by cross-training them in all the aspects of training, i.e. customer service, communication skills, leadership, compliance.

Employee training is a knowledge transfer tool. In an organization, you’ll find different people, knowledgeable and equipped with varied special skills. It’d be wise to diversify their skills through sharing their knowledge among themselves. This is well achievable through training.

We (RIPL) believe that training is one of the most important criteria to build up a long term relationship with your staff. We also understand the impact of effective employee training and development on their performance. A core service of RIPL is employee training in leadership, management, compliance, and soft-skills topics.

By providing your employees with training, it not only improves their performance, it also increases your bottom line. Every training module that we offer is developed to meet the needs of your company, while incorporating the company’s culture, vision, and philosophies into the presentation.

Our employee training and development programs and procedures are thorough and diversified. For instance, we can present the following types of training sessions for your organization:

• Individual and group training

• Videotaped sessions

• Sessions designed for CD-ROM

Regardless of the method chosen, we ask participants to rate their knowledge of the topics before and after the training session, so that we are able to measure our own success. We measure our success by assessing the perceived increase in knowledge of the learning objectives that occurred as a result of the training.

Some of the courses we offer are:

• Change Management – 2 days

• Project Management – 2 days

• Team Building – 2 days

• Training of trainers – 4 days

• Effective report writing – 2 days

• Supervising skills Development– 2 days

• Effective management skills – 3 days

• Fundamental of Human Resource Management – 3 days

• Customer service for Managers – 2 days

• Time Management – 2 days

• Managing in a Diverse Environment – 2 days

• Planning for retirement – 3 days

• Industrial Relations – 2 days

• Stress Management – 1 day

• Behavioural Training for Lower Level Staff – 1 day

HR Consultancy

We have a diversified team of competent and experienced HR management consultants who provide a hassle-free solution to complex, time consuming and sometimes-political issues.

Today's emerging Human Resource challenges are more complex than ever and HR technical assistance provides your organization with practical, non-legal advice for your day to day HR issues. The service is quick and easy to access with solutions that keep you informed,minimize your risks, and control costs in the areas of employee management.

Typical Human Resource Support Topics include:

1. Human Resource Best Practices

2. Interviewing Do's and Don'ts

3. Workplace Policies and Procedures

4. Record keeping Requirements

RIPL offers technical assistance for the purpose of assisting your organization make informed decisions and obtain best practice recommendations regarding day-to-day human resource issues. This annual subscription provides convenient phone or email access with a guaranteed response time of 24 hours or less during regular business hours.

Salary Surveys

We design and conduct tailored compensation surveys for clients.

RIPL has designed and conducted salary compensation surveys for clients on a broad range of topics. Normally, these surveys are conducted to help clients ensure that their compensation practices are, or remain, competitive. They generally focus on cash compensation practices - i.e., base salaries, incentive compensation, bonus arrangements, etc. - but can also include benefit and perquisite practices.

The compensation surveys and related pay comparisons we perform for clients can be conducted either as standalone projects, or as part of a broader compensation study where our firm is engaged to develop a formal compensation program for the client and job pricing is an important part of the engagement.

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